Friday, 4 September 2015

Harry Potter - Alnwick Castle Outdoor Cinema Screening

So on the 3rd of September i went to Alnwick Castle with my boyfriend to watch Harry Potter and the Phillosopers Stone, on an outdoor cinema.

The cinema company was called Luna Cinema and it was amazing! It was very very cold and wet but we came prepared with blankets, umbrellas and coats but even though it didn't help much it was certainly better than it would have been if we didn't bring anything.
A lot of people turned up, many dressed up as Hogwarts students others (like me and my boyfriend) wore Harry Potter tops. Mine listed all of the film and his was a jumper with the deathly hallows sign.

It was so much better as it got darker but i was too entwined in the film to take a picture... and too cold. The sound was amazing. Everyone could definitely hear, everyone could see because as you can the see the screen is huge. Hot food and drinks and food where available and also Luna Cinema merchandise. If it was HP merchandise i wold have purchased some.

Overall it was unbelievable. It would have been much better if it was warmer but i live in England soooooo...

If you get the chance to go to an outdoor cinema, GO!