Wednesday, 9 September 2015

London - Day 1

I spent my weekend in London with my grandad, we stayed in Covent Gardens and i did not want to leave. I have been to London many times before but never spent proper time sightseeing and taking lots of photos. I appreciate that i got to do this with my grandad a lot, i will never forget it.

To start the day we strolled around Covent Garden and browsed around the market where i bought two really pretty cushion cases. Then we made our way to Trafalgar Square and stayed there for a few minutes and just took everything in. After we were done here we continued to walk through Admiralty Arch and all way down to Buckingham Palace. We went into the Buckingham Palace shop and got chocolate which tasted good, which it should because of the price.

After the palace we made out way around to Parliament Square and said hey to Big Ben. We spent a good amount of time at these places. When strolling around on the night we walked ourself into China Town and Soho. For food we went back into Covent Garden and ate at Maxwells Bar and Grill. 

We had such a good first day! I can't wait to show you day 2 and 3.